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Pictorial Astrology Kit

Simplifies the study of Astrology.

Do-It-Yourself Astrology System.

Step-by-step Instructions & CD.

Unlock the treasures in your chart.

  • Cost:   $110.00
 About Us 

Roseanne is the founder of Astrology Unlimited and Creator of the Pictorial Astrology Kit which allows anyone that is interested in the study of astrology to now have the chance to gain the knowledge to read their own astrology birth chart.

It took 10 years to develop this easy to use system to understand and apply Astrology to your life.  I believe the study of Astrology must be kept simple.  The simpler the better.   I teach Natal Astrology.  You must learn the basics principles and meanings of the symbols of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects.

Roseanne is the co-creator of The Empowerment Center in Palm Harbor, Florida which is dedicated to the empowerment of the self through metaphysical studies.  

Astrology readings by phone and On line classes are available. 

Call Roseanne to discuss the details.  727-204-8707  or email: 




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