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Pictorial Astrology Kit

Simplifies the study of Astrology.

Do-It-Yourself Astrology System.

Step-by-step Instructions & CD.

Unlock the treasures in your chart.

  • Cost:   $110.00

Roseanne Boscarello, Certified Astrologer and Teacher offering online forecasting and classes. My major qualification is 30 years of viewing the heavens and countless hours of consulting with my clients. I’m the creator of Pictorial Astrology a course that simplifies the study of astrology through color and pictures, stimulating your visual abilities leaving an imprint in your memory bank. I not only teach you about the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects, but also how to apply this knowledge to your daily lives. I offer both telephone and internet consulting and forecasting along with teaching both beginners and advance classes. My readings include understanding your birth chart, the planetary drivers, past events and future forecasting. Available for workshops, home study course and webinars.

Why Astrology? A trip through life on Earth is also a trip through life in the heavens. Astrology leads to self-understanding and self-empowerment. When aligned with the heavens, you have harmony in your life. The knowledge of Astrology will change your life, it allows you to own your uniqueness, enhance your ability to make sound choices, confront your challenges and point you in the direction of your core purpose.

Thank You, Roseanne

Astrology is the study of the Universe, the planetary vibrations and their affect on earth and its inhabitants.

By the date, time and place of your birth you are able to see an imprint of the exact coordinates of the planets in the heavens at the moment you choose to enter into your earth journey.

I believe our astrology charts are our "Birth Certificate From The Universe" revealing the theme we choose to live this life time to perfect our soul.  There is no bias in the astrological family. We are here to love, live and be happy. 

"Looking for answers, go to your chart".

Astrology offers insights into relationships both romantic and financial, career and educational choices and understanding that the challenges and obstacles we face in our lives, we must empower, because it's a time of great growth, possibilities and advancements. 

Pictorial Astrology Classes - Astrology 101. 

The beginner classes are small and personal.  Only 4 students to a class.  Each student receives individual attention.  The course is 4 months.  You will leave, knowing your own birth chart. Once you learn how to interpret your own chart, only then will you be able to do chart interpretation for others. You will learn the symbols and the meanings of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects.   You will be taught the element and quality of each sign. You will become familiar with your Natal and Progressed Charts plus the Daily Motion of the Planets.  The classes are insightful, fun and empowering.

Advance classes are available.  You will be taught interrelation techniques, patterns within a chart, planetary cycles and forecasting.                     

See Students Testimonials Under FAQ       

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